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Image Business Furniture has an extensive range of whiteboards and noticeboards suitable for all situations. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please contact us so we can assist further.

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Why You May Want to Buy a Whiteboard for Your Business

There’s no doubt that we could all use a little organisation in our businesses, and the use of a whiteboard in each office gives you and your employees the tools to keep track of projects or finances. When you buy a whiteboard, you’re investing in keeping track of everything happening within your company. As each project is completed, you have the satisfaction of physically erasing it from your board with a feeling of accomplishment. At Image Business Furniture, you’ll find all your business requirements to make running your company easier.


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How You Can Benefit From a Whiteboard in Your Office

Efficiency is key to any successful business, and one way to ensure your employees stay effective in their duties is by installing an office whiteboard in each of their offices, or if you have an open-plan office, you can place them on numerous walls. Here are a couple of ways your business can benefit from a few strategically placed whiteboards:

  • Whiteboards create engagement among you and your employees. During meetings, your employees can write their ideas for projects, and others can expand or add to these ideas, boosting engagement between everyone.
  • With their magnetic features, whiteboards aren’t just for writing on anymore. You can take advantage of the magnetism and place schedules, important information, and notices on each board in your office.
  • Employees are often motivated by seeing their projects completed as each project is removed from your whiteboard, your employees may feel motivated to add a new idea to your board.

Facts About Whiteboards That You May Not Know

You may use them every day, but how much do you really know about your business whiteboard? Here are a few fun facts about this invention that you may not know about:

  • The first whiteboard was created in the 1960s, but a damp cloth was needed to remove the writing and often left marks behind. In 1975 dry erase markers were invented, and a few years later, the whiteboard became a popular tool used by businesses.
  • There are two different whiteboards available, namely the adhesive board and the erasable marker board. The adhesive board is a roll of sheeting that can be customised to a specific project, while regular whiteboards are available in standard sizes.
  • After a while, you may notice marks on your whiteboard, these can easily be removed using vinegar or window cleaner.

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When Unitywater was looking for quick response and personalised service you were right there. Looking to achieve the impossible within tight timeframes, we were expecting there to be issues however you only provided solutions. You genuine interest in our challenges and your willingness to do whatever it took to overcome them was greatly appreciated and certainly went a long way towards us meeting our targets on time and on budget. It was a pleasure to work with you and I wish you all the very best with the business.
Natasha Read | Portfolio Manager - Office of the CEO Unitywater