Whiteboard Accessories

Huge range of accessories available|Laser Pointer & Remotes, non hazardous with red beam, ideal for highlighting notes & points in presentations, silver pen like design|Window Markers, ideal for bold writing on our Glassboards, pack of 4 assorted fluro colours|Whiteboard Dry Erase Markers, perfect for writing on all Glassboards, high contrast on black Glassboards, 4 pack of assorted fluro colours|Magnetic Eraser, high quality eraser, will not scratch whiteboard surface|Magic Wipe, microfibre celaning cloth, no need for chemicals & is reusable|Whiteboard Starter Kit, contains cleaning fluid, 5 x magnets, eraser, 4 x markers + bonus cleaning cloths|Cleaning Fluid, is a pump action bottle perfect for heavy duty whiteboard cleaning|Magnetic Pen Tray, strong with a deep channel, highly versatile, great for magnetic flip chart boards|Magnetic Pen Cup, attaches to any magnetic whiteboard, fridge or steel filing cabinet|Magnetic Flipchart Bar, strong magnetic channel allows you to hang flipchart pads onto any magnetic whiteboard|Magnetic Strips & Adhesive Lining Tape|Grip Strips, ideal for workstations & whiteboards, holds your pins & clips, black aluminium channel strip that will firmly grip & hold any sheet of paper

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Wonderful customer service, and super fast delivery. Very happy with our purchases too. Would have no hesitation in recommending Sean and Teresa to anyone.
Fiona Roberts (COO)
IBN Direct