GOP Upfront Reception Counter

Elegant and versatile reception counter. Ideal for retailers.

Grey - teak desktop with two lockable drawers, jade white stone hob supported by chrome pillars, counter body in metallic grey with feature aluminium strips & stainless steel kick plate. 

White - white   desktop with two lockable draers, jade white stone hob supported by chrome pillars, counter body in metallic greay with feature aluminium strips & stainless steel kick plate.

Please indicate any colour or size preferences here.
Dear Sean, On behalf of Professionals Australia I would like thank you and your team for a wonderful job during or recent fitout. The quality and price of the furniture is excellent. The installation was carried out seamlessly and on time as you promised. The whole process, from product selection, layout advice, quoting and the overall delivery of your product and services has been excellent. Your friendly and professional service has made this process very easy for us and our refurbished office looks stunning!
Kaylene Scott
Porfessionals Australia