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Go Transit

Go Transit are Australia’s largest regional transit advertising provider, based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

“We’ve been working with Image Business Furniture for about five years now. They completely transformed our administration space when we initially moved into our offices, and most recently they have transformed what was our printing space into a brand new boardroom and offices for our management team.
“What Image Business Furniture has given us is real space and functionality that we’ve never had before. They’ve been able to give us a boardroom that seats around 20 people and more.
“Functionality they have introduced in our management offices includes sit-stand desks so they have the opportunity to be more flexible within that environment, and choose what is most comfortable for them, so now we are looking at expanding those options across the rest of our offices as well.

“Working with Image Business Furniture has been a dream actually. The team are so personable and so flexible with their options. They provide installation for everything that they sell.
“We call upon them for any needs that we have from partitioning to chairs and desks, or drawers.
“We know when we call Image Business Furniture that they are going to deliver the product that we need

Caleb Harriott,
General Manager – Operations and Administration
Go Transit