Floret Chair

Designed for the healthcare & education sector.

The new Floret chair is easy to clean & maintain.  Clinically proven to kill >99.9% of MRSA & E.Coli as well as inhibit fungal growth, one piece construction without joins/ribs/cavities prevents dirt from trapping in hard to reach places.  Made from non porous solid polypropylene.

Ergonomic design provides full postural support & stability for users in all environments to help improve facility safety, anti tilt design with lumbar support.

Available with or without arms. Weight tolerance of 114kg. Stackable to 7 high. 100% recyclable. Complies to ISO 9001 quality standards.

10 year warranty

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We believe that motivation and fun at work are influenced directly by the environment in which we spent our working hours. Sean and Image Business Furniture have applied expertise, backed up by great service, to help us achieve a fantastic working environment.
Tim Spence Thomas, CEO
Epicurean Products