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Image Business Furniture has an extensive range of desks and workstations suitable for all situations. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please contact us so we can assist further.

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Consider Our Wide Range of Furniture When Looking to Buy Office Desks

Whether you are looking to buy office desks for a new office, an office makeover, or just to cater for additional staff or new requirements, we can assist. We provide locally made custom or standard office furniture with delivery and installation. We can assess your current layout and advise on furniture that will fit or redesign the layout to be more practical and aesthetically appealing. We have a wide variety of chairs, drawers, pedestals, and other accessories that fit well with all our work desks.


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When it Comes to Bulk Office Desks, Our Range is Extensive

If you need desks for an open plan work area, training room, call centre or fitting out an office from scratch, our range of office desks and tables is extensive. We’ve got small desks, corner desks, cluster desks, student desks, reception desks, just to name a few. Our desks are available in white, black, and various wood shades. These can be custom made, or you can select from our catalogue of standard desks.

  • Reception desks – we have classic rectangular reception desks, desks for one and two receptionists, J-shaped and L-shaped desks, curved, waved, and the Modular Reception that lets you configure the design to suit your needs and space by adding or removing modules. We also offer custom-made reception desks to best suit your space and company image.
  • Single desk workstations – our FX Span Desks come with a perforated metal modesty attachment, a Beech or white top, and either straight desks or corner workstations. Other options include the FC Compact desk that comes with an optional extra single drawer box and a five-year warranty, and the commercial-grade melamine FX Corner Workstation 600D, to list a few. Our Executive Calais range of custom desks and workstations allow you the freedom to mix and match custom designing desks that will be most suitable for your office space and staff’s needs.
  • Cluster desks and multi-station desks – our single-sided workstations are ideal for creating a single long desk against walls. Some of our other desk styles include double-sided back-to-back desks, three and four-person pod workstations, and inline double desks.

Why Choose Our Adjustable Office Desks

Many people have found that standing desks eased their back pain, and they were more productive than when just sitting while working. Many benefits have been seen in people who stand while working at their computers, these include: you burn more calories when standing than you do sitting, it improves your posture, reduces back pain, aids wrist position, improves leg muscles, balance, and core strength, and helps prevent blood clots forming in legs. Our standing desk options include:

  • Desks where you can manually or electrically adjust the height.
  • We have adjustable meeting tables and singular, back-to-back adjustable desks, and mobile adjustable sit/stand laptop desks.
  • If you don’t want to replace your desks but need an option to stand and work, we have a variety of desk risers.

What Image Business Furniture Offer

We supply, deliver, and install quality office furniture, you can select from our catalogue, or with the assistance of our design team, you can custom make the designs of your desks, workstations, boardroom, and reception area.

Contact us to find out how we can improve your office layout and staff productivity with our office furniture.

We believe that motivation and fun at work are influenced directly by the environment in which we spent our working hours. Sean and Image Business Furniture have applied expertise, backed up by great service, to help us achieve a fantastic working environment.
Tim Spence Thomas, CEO
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