Bamboo Chair Mat

NEW Bamboo chair mats are one of the most environmentally friendly way of protecting your floors suitable for both hard floors & commercial carpet with no underlay.
• Contain no petrochemicals
• Made from one of the fastest growing renewable plants on the planet
• Can be used both on commercial carpet and hard floors
• Adds style to those with wooden floors


Please indicate any colour or size preferences here.
We recently received another custom-made piece of office furniture from Image Business Furniture. We have been looked after by Sean and IBF for several years now, and the service is always exceptional. The quality of furniture is consistently of a high standard and the price is competitive. Exactly what every business is looking to achieve when purchasing products. I feel confident in recommending the services of IBF, it is a business marked by distinction! Overall a very pleasant experience. Thank you!
Julie Hopping
Nambour Christian College