Stratos DUO Mobile Caddy

Mobile Caddy both LHS & RHS options available & in stock.

Unit is lockable & seat cushion is optional in 4 standard colours.

Heavy duty castors.

**Single Desks, Double Desks, Corner Workstations, Bookcases, Credenza's, Cupboards & Receptions available in this range**


Please indicate any colour or size preferences here.
I just want to say thank you very much for assisting the Ginger Factory with all our new furniture. Your assistance and research prior to purchase was fantastic and I really appreciate you organising samples onsite so that I could see the furniture in the environment. The crew that you brought onsite were very professional and I really appreciate their hard work to ensure that everything was unpacked and placed prior to us getting busy. I got three quotes from varying companies around Australia for our furnishings, and it was really great to see that a local company provided all that I needed at a competitive price.
Corinne Mikkelsen
The Ginger Factory