RED Full Height Partition Screen

Large range of floor based screens to offer privacy in the workplace.   Can be used with all our desk options to create a personalised area in many configurations.  Screens can be a cost saving option as the desk tops can be hung off the mid screen rail eliminating desk gables & modesty panels.  Full range of accessories are available in this range which hang off the top rail of the screen (see accessories page for more information).  Metal feet can be added to make these screens free standing.  Standard fabric options available in this range.

Please indicate any colour or size preferences here.
I just want to say thank you very much for assisting the Ginger Factory with all our new furniture. Your assistance and research prior to purchase was fantastic and I really appreciate you organising samples onsite so that I could see the furniture in the environment. The crew that you brought onsite were very professional and I really appreciate their hard work to ensure that everything was unpacked and placed prior to us getting busy. I got three quotes from varying companies around Australia for our furnishings, and it was really great to see that a local company provided all that I needed at a competitive price.
Corinne Mikkelsen
The Ginger Factory