QuickShift Sit/Stand Desk

The QuickShift is a height adjustable standing desk that can be placed on your existing desktop.

QuickShift provides an affordable sit to stand solution to suit any office and desktop. Its small footprint means it will give you the benefits of sitting and standing at your desk without the inconvenience of losing all of your desk space. 

The QuickShift’s gas assisted height adjustment system allows the user to stop wherever the most comfortable is for them and helps the unit raise and lower effortlessly when tensioned.
 The generous keyboard tray on the QuickShift can be off set left or right to give the user more ‘mouse space’.

Sit a laptop or a single screen with base on the QuickShift’s work surface or upgrade and use a monitor arm to ensure correct screen height. There is even an arm available for Dual Monitor configurations.

Available in black or white finish, the QuickShift will give you increased productivity, energy levels and overall mental and physical fitness, all within an affordable budget.

Will hold 10kg weight capacity, option of a 20kg weight capacity unit arriving in Feb 2016.

QuickShift A - base model, ideal for users with laptops or single screens. 

QuickShift Single - premium model, ideal for users who use single screens & want extra screen height adjustment. 

QuickShift Dual - prestige model for the most ergonomic user working with dual screens & hoping to acheive maximum usable workspace.



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