GOP Upfront Reception Counter

Elegant and versatile reception counter. Ideal for retailers.

Grey - teak desktop with two lockable drawers, jade white stone hob supported by chrome pillars, counter body in metallic grey with feature aluminium strips & stainless steel kick plate. 

White - white   desktop with two lockable draers, jade white stone hob supported by chrome pillars, counter body in metallic greay with feature aluminium strips & stainless steel kick plate.

Please indicate any colour or size preferences here.
"Image Business Furniture recently supplied and installed office furniture and fittings for a Unitywater fitout on Level 3, 33 King Street, Caboolture. Resulting from a competitively priced quote, Image Business Furniture supplied and installed over 50 workstations and associated furniture and fittings. The Property and Land Team at Unitywater were able to meet the deadline for staff relocation thanks to the ability of Sean and his hard working team from Image Business Furniture to re-arrange its other workload to meet our tight deadlines. Unitywater, particularly the staff on Level 3, is very happy with the quality of materials and high standard of service provided by Image Business Furniture."
Level 4, 33 King Street, Caboolture Qld 4510