Elevar Crank+ Manual Height Adjustable Desks

Elevar Crank+ is a range of manual height adjustable frames with a difference.  Fast and quiet, the 2‐stage lifting column ensures reliable and quiet operation.

Most manual crank frames change height very slowly and don’t go to a height suitable for anything other than standing. A Sit-to-Sit workstation. Not the Crank+!

You can get from bottom to top in only 38 turns on the straight desk and twice as fast as other desks on the 3 leg frames! The maximum height is 1105mm with a 25mm top – suitable for standing height operation for most users.

Backed by a 10 year warranty on frame and mechanical components and available in straight, 90° and 120° frames in Silver and White, the Elevar Crank+  becomes a new standard for manual height adjustable frames.

Frames available for straight desks (rotation speed 12mm per turn), 90° corner workstations (rotation speed 4.5mm per turn), and 120° workstations (rotation speed 4.5mm per turn),  Will take a 100kg of static weight & 50kg dynamic weight.

EXTRAS include Perforated Metal Modesty Panels & Lockable Castors for a mobile desk

Please indicate any colour or size preferences here.
It was a great experience working with the team at Image Furniture from the start. Sean was able to decipher my vision and deliver a sophisticated office space in budget. The entire team that attended to installation were neat, polite, maintained a tidy workspace and were very professional as well as being very obliging to my changes on the go! They will be my go to team for any future projects.
Natalie Stewart | Integrated Service Manager (Acting)
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